To Bring the World His Truth

To Bring the World His Truth

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We have arrived.

We are here! We were very grateful to reach our destination in Leipaja (Lee-a-pie). We have been warmly received and helped by the missionaries. The office couple, the Terry's, brought us here in a mission van. We enjoyed our visit with them as we traveled through the forests, farms and countryside. The leaves are turning and we even saw some swans. We stopped at a Promo (like Costco) and we bought a lot of staples. When we got to Liepaja, they took us to a nearby mall and we were able to purchase a foam topper for our sad bed. It is now quite comfortable but rather close to the ground.

We found our apartment seriously lacking but it will work and we will adjust. Here are our closest's. One for the both of us.
It is not a lot of space but it is adequate.

Our apartment is roomy and large with bare simulated wood floors and no rugs. There is only one broken couch-no sofa chairs. So how do I study? I don't know yet. I just think of Ammon and the sons of Mosiah who suffered so much to bring the gospel to the Lamanites. I'm not suffering. We didn't have any glass glasses and just a very few odd plates, so we were able to buy some and that brighten's the kitchen. However we almost lost part of them when the kitchen table collapsed! Necessity is the mother of invention and we moved a long desk into the kitchen to use as a table. It works very well. Our computer is plugged in but not charging. So perhaps it is the battery or it just doesn't like the strange power it is getting. 

This is the inside of our front door. I thought it was interesting how large our peep hole is compared to the ones at home.

I am happy to report that the apartment is warm, but not as warm as the young missionaries who are serving here. The exiting sister missionaries who lived here before us, left things tidy with cute notes stuck around. They left a delicious homemade chicken broccoli casserole and a plant that brightened up my day! 

We will be going on splits with the sisters soon and tomorrow the branch members are watching a session of conference in Latvian Valoda. I am not discouraged-although you might wonder.

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