To Bring the World His Truth

To Bring the World His Truth

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1st Splits

We did splits with the young missionaries. We taught an 11 year old girl, and a couple of older ladies who have had rough lives, I could tell. We then met with an engaged couple who will be getting married in December. They speak really good English. The young lady has had problems at home and so is living away and doesn't get much to eat. We have worked out a plan with her. She is going to teach/tutor us Latvian in exchange for food. I hope she can eat my cooking!

We see lots of stray cats. We have been warned not to pet them because they have fleas. The people here love animals. The elderly generation feed the strays and they look well fed and are huge!

It's hard to know what to say when you are teaching a gospel lesson. I try very hard to listen to the spirit and say or do what I feel is a prompting. Teaching small and simple concepts are the key I believe. Elder Heaton is doing very well communicating by the language of love. He also does a good job remembering where we are going. He is definitely a blessing to me. Hopefully, together we will make a difference.

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