To Bring the World His Truth

To Bring the World His Truth

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jet Lag

It still seems like a dream, however jet lag is real. We both get very tired. That should all change in a week or two, we hope! We have enjoyed getting acquainted with the young missionaries. They are a very select group for sure. They all are very personable with strong testimonies. One of the elder's is from St. George and another from Gilbert, AZ. One left a football scholarship to go on a mission. Both are great elders. 

We spent the day watching General Conference with the ward members in Latvian. We had our
 i-pads turned on and read the talks in English and listened to them in Latcian. We tried to follow along. They had little luncheons between sessions which were interesting to us. Everyone contributes and they set it all up and down the middle of 3-4 long banquet tables. There was a variety of apples, oranges, bananas, cheeses, sausage that looked like summer sausage or bologna, bread and curious looking cookies. Someone had brought herbal teas. You don't go through the line and pick out what you want. You just sit down and start with the food that is in front of you. You could get up and pick up something else from another place on the table. We ate on torn in half napkins or right off the table. It all tasted good and they were a jovial lot.

The ward members are a little reserved but friendly. They have a strong branch with solid members. However, there are only 4 active priesthood holders and about 20 sisters who come regularly. The RS President is an Indonesian who does not speak very good Latvian but is quite good in speaking English. She is energetic and fun and I'm sure she is a blessing to the ward member sister's. She needs help getting the sisters to do their visiting teaching. That is what she would like me to help her with.

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